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Game-changing question for high-achieving online entrepreneurs:

What would

a 7-10 figure business give you that you don't have now?







Ability to give?


To make an even greater impact?

All of the above and more?


OK, then, shoot straight with me.
How did you get here?

How did you get to where you are today
in your multi-6 figure business?

Admit it.


You got here on a great idea, guts, lots of trial and error, great coaches, bad coaches, podcasts, programs, books, biz besties and masterminds.

And let's face it... 


it also came with a lot of coffee, late nights, and missed moments along with blood, sweat, and tears with a dash of magic. 

So, now that we're having #realtalk,

I have some good news and bad news for you...


What got you here,
won't get you there.

It's Tuesday Morning.

You sip your bulletproof coffee and open your MacBook Pro to get in a few of hours of work before your midday coaching call.


(Except, technically, you started at 4 AM in bed with your iPhone, checking the CPC and conversions on your latest Facebook campaign and replying to some Instagram DMs.)


Then, what was supposed to be a calm morning quickly turned into annoyance because you found three typos and messed up formatting on that morning's IG post. How can she mess that up?


You open slack.

You type and delete several passes of a message to your VA about the issue. But you delete it all. It's just easier for me to fix it, besides you've had this talk a few times before, and clearly it didn't sink in. Then an email notification pops up.


It’s a message from your graphic designer -- the one who creates the beautiful graphics exactly how you like them. Thank God for her.


Her message tells you she won’t be working for you any longer.


She informs you that she’s taking her business in a different direction, it’s nothing personal, it’s been a great experience, blah blah blah.


You feel... sick.


You get up for that second cup of Jo. While you fumble with the coffee pod, you scream in silence, how will I ever find anyone else who understands my brand so well?? She was the ONE person I loved working with because she just "got" what I wanted.


While your espresso is dripping, you open your Facebook app, and shudder.


Muttering, “I asked them NOT to tag me."


I have a community manager for this. Ugh, but I feel like I need to comment. I don't want them to think I don't care.


Feeling a little weary now, you take back your cup to your laptop and -- BING -- your VA’s slacked you. You hope the chat says, “I’m sorry I saw the mistake and fixed it..."


But it doesn’t.


Instead, it’s a string questions about how to upload your new sales page copy onto Kajabi.


You groan. Did she NOT see the step-by-step docs and the Loom videos you made to show her exactly how you want it done? Also, there's Kajabi support... hello!


“Did you check the docs at all???” you find yourself typing, then you delete it thinking be a nice boss. Don't be mean. Then you type, “If you follow the loom videos I'm confident you can do it. Just do exactly what it shows you to do. You can do it! And if after you've tried that, we can do a screen share on Zoom later this afternoon.”


Time to set-up to record three video to update the 2019 course modules.


You record it all like a pro and reward yourself with a nice smoothie and do a quick Instagram story to promote the upcoming Mastermind retreat that gets you a ton of love and comments from your followers.


You finish and think, I wish I could just do this part... love on my tribe.


Actually, you’re tired of this version of your business. It doesn’t excite you anymore. It's a constant struggle and the struggle IS REAL.


Even though you worked your up to multi-6 figure success, you want something MORE, or at least not this life.


Shouldn’t I feel happier right now?
I want to be known for more.

#laptop lifestyle is such a lie.


You did this because you didn't WANT a job.
You wanted to spend more time with the kids.
You wanted more quality time with your hubs.

You wanted more SPACE.


You envisioned laughter-filled vacations unplugged not hours feeling drained or spend hours stewing over business issues.


And when you DO travel, “do you have wifi?” shouldn’t be the first thing out of your mouth.

Sound familiar?

So, are you ready to stop the madness learn the secret to getting THERE?

There to..

  • massive revenue growth
  • relaxed shoulders
  • great sleep
  • dream homes
  • romantic getaways
  • building schools in Africa
  • no missed soccer games
  • long family vacations
  • and lots of dang good margaritas rimmed with tasty infused salt

What's going to get you there

is a solid



of whip smart, committed, and quality obsessed

people who "get" you and what you're building and can run this business without you IN the weeds.

and I want to share with you
exactly how to get that dream team.


Lead Your Legacy

a one-of-a-kind

Digital CEO Leadership
group coaching program


Learn how to attract, hire, and lead

the dream team you need

so that you can scale your business to have more revenue, impact, and time.

Ready to APPLY?

Just follow these 3 steps:

  • 1. Click on the button and schedule a FREE 20 minute call.

  • 2. Fill out the application and save the date/time to your calendar.

  • 3. Join me on a 1-1 zoom call to answer your questions about the program.

Don't miss the opportunity to get your Fast-action bonus (ONLY 2 LEFT)

ONE - 60 minute 1:1 strategy session with me ($5000 value)

* Note, I'll be going live on IG and FB to share tips and answer Q&As about the program every day until the cart is closed!
Follow me on Instagram and DM me if you're interested in being notified before I go live!


If you are an offline or brick-and-mortar business, please click here to join a separate waitlist for a cohort of like-minded local businesses owners who want to scale with team.


Here's a quick summary

of the program
(bc I'm in it to save you time.)

The Lead Your Legacy Program

A trifecta of content, coaching calls, and community plus time-saving resources, and of course, BONUSES.

  • Lead Your Legacy Framework

    Valued at $10,000


    Video Library recorded trainings to walk you through 4 Arcs taught live or pre-recorded teachings rolled out throughout the program

  • Small Private Facebook Group of 14 Digital CEOs

    Valued at $8,000


    Private Facebook group with only 14 other carefully selected, multi-6 and 7 figure like-minded Digital CEOs to confidentially mastermind, ask your questions, receive and give feedback and support between coaching calls,


  • Bonus 1: Exclusive VIP Retreat


    Valued at $2,000


    One ticket to this VIP retreat in luxurious villas just outside Austin in the beautiful hill country near Lake Travis.


    Details: TBD


  • 12 Live Coaching Calls with Hot Seats

    Valued at $14,000


    90 minutes Bi-monthly calls with this small group of 14 ensures more individualized attention and coaching.

  • Special Bonus: Expert Fireside Chats

    Valued at $10,000


    Monthly 90 minute expert guest talks with: Certified Strengths Coach, Master Enneagram Coach, Chief Financial Officer, Director of Human Resources, Startup Attorney, Sr. Director of Engineering



  • Bonus 2: HR Vault: Templates & Contracts

    Valued at $4,000


    Full access to my time-saving contract library, with lawyer-prepared templates that include employee contracts, a confidentiality template, separation agreement template, and sample job description templates.

  • Time-saving Resource Vault

    Valued at $4,000


    The exact cheat sheets, checklists, processes, swipe files, scripts, sample questions that I use to hire amazing teams.














  • Bonus 3: Founding Member Renewal Rate

    Valued at $2,000


    One ticket to this VIP retreat in luxurious villas just outside Austin in the beautiful hill country near Lake Travis.


    Details: TBD


(A more in-depth break down of the program is in the second half, below.)

That's a Total Combined Value of


that I'm offering to you
at special Founding Member Rate:


six payments of
$1,467 (USD)

Is this Program Right for You?


  • You're a multiple 6 figure or 7 figure coach, consultant, expert and/or course creator.

  • You've outgrown your contractors and are ready to find committed team members.

  • You KNOW that having the right team is KEY to scaling and sustaining your business.

  • You've tried and failed hiring and managing a team members you can trust.

  • You're eager to implement proven strategies that work - and don't care what people call it, who does it, or what it compares to or looks like.

  • You're ready to let go of the tactical things to do and focus on the things that are going to move the needle in your business.

  • You're ready to be 100% devoted to the CEO role of your business working on not in your business.

  • You're ready to be honest, humble, coachable and teachable. Constructive feedback is king.

  • You're ready to bring constructive feedback and help fellow leaders as much if not more than you receive in the group.

  • You're embrace an abundant and positive mindset about the team you will attract and work with.

  • You're ready to make peace with the past so you can attract and inspire your incredible dream team members.


  • You've just made your first 6 figures and you're underwater and desperate to hire help.

  • You would believe it's easier and better to do everything by yourself.

  • You believe outsourcing to a few more VAs or freelancers on upwork will do the trick.

  • You are more worried about what it costs to pay to hire someone rather than you losing sleep.

  • You don't believe in investing yourself to fasttrack your success.

  • You're convinced people aren't going to live up to your standards.

  • You are not not open to trying something new, or trying it again, and are at the end always right.

  • You'd rather read Traction, Rocketfuel, and Clockwork than invest in coaching.

  • Your business is "different." You're unique and other people's solutions don't work well for you.

  • You cannot fathom how you're going to find even 3 hours a month to attend coaching calls,

  • You're afraid or embarrassed to share about your weaknesses in your business to others.

  • You're intimidated by the others in the group and don't feel you're at the same level with them.

  • You're mistrusting, not willing to let go of the past, you air on negativity, complaining and scarcity. 

Alright. It's time for a little gut check.

First of all,

you being on this page tells me you know you need help.


So, after reading this far, what is your gut saying?


How many times did you think, "OMG, that's me!"?


And I know you just read the "who this is for and not for" and you probably thought,

yep... that's me. I'm a good fit. I knew I would be.


So, then,... action-taker,

what are you waiting for?

What IF... this program IS the game changer for you in your business??

The only way to find out is talk 1-1 and see if we're a fit for each other.

BTW - This is a no pressure call.
(I personally hate them.)


The goal of this call is to learn about one another and see if we're a fit to work together.

If I can, I'll offer some pro tips to help you in the immediate and will answer your questions about this program.
If it feels like a great fit, I'll invite you to join and send you the link.

Then, you get to decide Y/N before the time the cart closes 11:59pm CST Tuesday, Feb 12th.

Alright, need to talk it out some more with this page?
Well, you know what's next.

Scroll down and read my street creds,

but be sure to slow down around the 5 myths and FAQs.

Who am I to teach this and coach you?

I'm so glad you asked!


I’m Teresa, and when I’m not spoiling my fluffy toy poodle Blackjack, being a documentary junkie, traveling the world, or sampling craft cocktails with my sushi-chef husband, I’m coaching and advising digital CEOs to become the powerhouse leaders of rockstar teams.


After 24+ years of working with execs in suits, polos, or hoodies to help them recruit, retain and build dynamic teams in every kind of industry... 

-- including wildly successful startups like WP Engine, Atlassian, and Saatva, non-profits such as the Smithsonian, and organizations like the United Nations, World Bank, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in South Korea...

... I have pivoted into championing impact-driven online entrepreneurs who want to skyrocket their business and make REAL change in the world and not just their pocketbooks.

And I'm excited to

share all of my team building startup secrets

with brilliant, action-oriented and impact-focused entrepreneurs like YOU --

  • Entrepreneurs who are tired of hiring fast and striking out.

  • Entrepreneurs who are ready to get their life back and be the CEO and not the hardest working employee in their business

  • Entrepreneurs who -- despite reading ALL of the leadership books -- still aren't feel like good leaders

  • Entrepreneurs who know what it takes to grow to over 6 and 7 figures in revenue and are determined to find a balance  with their life and business and scale the impact even more

  • Entrepreneurs who want to break out of the echo chamber of course creators and use tried and true strategies and systems that billion dollar tech startups use to build incredible teams and revenue growth


Teresa is a systematic and strategic thinker. She brought energy, ideas, and practical thinking to all of our projects and makes sure that everyone in the team has a voice.






Shannon Hopkins

Executive Director, Matryoshka Haus

Teresa is a motivated and professional individual who strives to bring both strategic and tactical processes to an organization. While working with me and my team, she quickly assessed where we were, where we wanted to go, and developed hybrid solutions to keep us moving in the right direction.

Krista D.

Vice President, Saatva

Teresa is an incredibly sharp and resourceful professional who happens to have that enviable left-brain, right-brain combo. She is as creative as she is analytical, and is exceptional at delivering results, She is always highly invested in everything she does, and it shows. 


Elizabeth MacLean

EM Consulting




to step out of the business weeds

and become the fulfilled Digital CEO

of a thriving company:

MYTH 1: I can do it for now and hire a team later.

MYTH 2: I’ll never find people who are good enough.

MYTH 3: I just need to know how to hire better people.

MYTH 4: I’ll hire an integrator/OBM to hire and manage my team for me.

MYTH 5: I’ve got my copies of Traction, Rocketfuel, and Clockwork -- they can help me solve this!

Frequently asked question

These are questions your fellow leaders, founders, and CEOs have asked

before saying “yes” to the Lead Your Legacy.

This sounds great, but I’m already spread wayyyy too thin. How much time is this gonna take?

Is this a course or a program?

Why do you have an application process?

I’ve been postponing growing my team (or hiring altogether) because I don’t want to add to my already large overhead. Are you going to encourage me to make expensive hires?

Can’t I scale in other ways -- by optimizing my funnel, advertising, automation etc.?

I’ve read so many books on leadership and team building. How will this be different?

How is this relevant for me when I'm not looking to grow as big as a startup.

I feel like I’m a bad communicator/not a good leader/a natural-born micro-manager. Are you sure this will work for me?

Does this work for both virtual and in-person teams?

I don't have six months. I needed this team last year. Why is the program so long?

Can you remind me of what I’m getting if I enroll?

Do you help brick-and-mortar business owners?

Can't I just "buy your time" to teach me everything in a day?

Do you have a refund policy?

Let's break this all down.

1. Recorded Video Trainings 

From Mindset Magic To Mighty Team

a $10,000 USD value

This is where you’ll learn every startup strategy and trick-of-the-trade you need

to step into a CEO mindset, capture your culture magic, and build a dynamic team and work family.


Each of the four arcs -- which will be released over the course of the six-month incubator
-- tackles a different part of building a dream team.

(scroll below for lesson)

Lead Your Leadership Framework

Arc 1: Own Your Leadership

Arc 2: Define Your Culture

Arc 3: Build Your Dream Team

Arc 4: Cultivate

Dream Work

Arc 1: Own Your Leadership 

Arc 2: Define your Company Culture

Arc 3: Build Your Dream Team

Arc 4: Cultivate Dream Work Details

2. Live Coaching Calls

Personalized Group Support At Every Stage

a $14,000 USD value

For 6 months (with the option to extend your commitment), you’ll benefit from
2x monthly 90-minute coaching calls and hot seats,
in the company of a carefully-selected group of growth-oriented Digital CEOs.


Our group’s “cone of silence” means you’ll be able to request support for any issue you could encounter on your road to building your dream team, in a confidential community of entrepreneurial powerhouses, where egos get checked at the door.


These calls will not only hold you accountable and on track, but will enable you to receive personalized guidance and ask follow-up questions about implementation and strategy.

  • 12 Live - 90 minute virtual coaching calls

    Teaching, coaching, and hotseats. This is time for you to receive mentorship and not have to be "the strong one." You're going to get personalized feedback and coaching and more of it than your typical group coaching program.

  • Hot seats with Q&A! 

    Deep dive into your present-day challenges and receive the coaching you need to not get stuck and move the needle in your business.

  • Cone of Silence

    Confidentiality is paramount. What is share in the group stays in the group so everyone has a safe place to share ideas and struggles to mastermind and receive coaching to grow.

3. Time-Saving 

Resource Vault

Every Hiring Document You Might Need

a $4,000 USD value

The program gives you lifetime access to a resource vault that contains every kind of template and workflow document you might need for hiring and onboarding.

Resources include:

  • Swipe files

    templates for interview invitation and confirmation emails. rejection emails, job offer letters, and pre-start-date correspondence


  • Processes & Tools

    The exact step-by-step processes to hire and onboard new employees the way startups find and set-up their new hires




  • Cheat sheets & Checklists

    on topics such as job descriptions, reference and background checks, for interview prep, recruiting, job postings, interviews, post-interview follow up, and onboarding

  • Scripts & Questions

    for phone screenings, verbal job offers, and job offer negotiations, interviews, screenings, and reference checks

4. Small Curated Community

of 14 carefully selected like-minded Digital CEOs

an $8,000 USD value

  • Small Private Fb Group

    Only 14 carefully selected 14 Digital CEOs will be in this private Facebook group.


    AND this means more focused time for you and your challenges  instead of waiting to be called-upon for your turn.

  • Cone of Silence

    Confidentiality is paramount. What is share in the group stays in the group so everyone has a safe place to share ideas and struggles to mastermind and receive coaching to grow.

                           SPECIAL BONUS                            

Expert Fireside Chats

Meet My Startup World Contacts and be advised like the way Startup Founders are advised

a minimum of $8,000 USD value

Benefit from my 20+ years working in startups, nonprofits, government institutions, and Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies, as I open up my little black book of experts and give you the chance to learn from them.


Each month, in addition to our twice-monthly coaching calls, you’ll have an exclusive front row seat for a live 90-minute fireside chat with an industry expert,

where you can ask questions, expand your network, and seek guidance

from the best in their fields.

  • Certified Strengths Coach

  • Master Enneagram Coach

  • Startup Attorney

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Human Resource Director

  • Sr. Director of Engineering

>> Additional Bonuses <<

On top of all that, you’ll get:

a combined $10,000+ USD value

  • One ticket a VIP in-person Lakeside Villa Retreat

    One ticket to my 2019 in-person annual retreat in Austin, TX. You have the option to buy an additional VIP ticket at checkout for your business partner.

    a minimum value of $2,000 USD

  • Founding Member Renewal Privileges

    Your special founding member rate will never be increased, if you renew consecutively! 
    a minimum value of $4,000 USD

  • Full access to HR Vault

    with lawyer-prepared templates that include employee contracts, a confidentiality template, separation agreement template, and winning job description templates


    a minimum value of $4,000 USD

PLUS Fast-action bonus available

to ONLY first 5 sign-ups

Only 2 Left!

The next two confirmed registration and payment will receive this bonus and will be notified by Feb 12.

a $5,000 USD value

  • 1 x  60 minute 1:1 strategy session with me, we’ll dive into your most urgent people problem and work out the most effective steps to resolve it

Teresa was the instrumental player in helping our company set up a true Project Management Organization structure. Her dedication to her craft pushes those working around her to be better, and I recommend her to anyone looking to take their team to the next level!

Ricky J, Co-Founder, The Saatva Company

So if you’ve made it all the way down here…

let’s wrap up with a shot of real talk.

By now, you know that a game changing dream team is what will help you scale your business to

7-10 million without losing your freedom.

So how many more 'Tuesday Mornings" do you need to have before you finally do something different?

I'm offering you chance to break that 
Tuesday morning broken record for good.


Let me help fast track to reach your 7 figure dream.

Don't miss it! Doors Close Soon!

Doors Close Feb 12, 2019 at 11:59 PM CST. Our first Kickoff call is Feb 13th.




We believe that this program gives you the system, processes and resources you need to craft the magnetic culture and the processes to attract, hire, and grow the team you need to scale your business and give you space for personal time!


We have a 30-day refund policy. If you attend all of the calls, and can show us that you've done the work and are still not satisfied, then you may apply for a refund by submitting proof of your work to Customer Support inside of 30 days of your payment, for a full refund for the amount you paid less taxes and fees.

But I know you'll be 100% satisfied.

TK Strategies, LLC

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