New hire incoming?
Set them up for success starting day one.

This New Employee Onboarding Guide discover...

  • An easy-to-follow workbook to help you plan and prepare a rockstar onboarding plan

  • An exhaustive list of 50+ items to cover so you won't have to brainstorm them yourself

  • Top 6 tips straight from the onboarding playbooks of successful startups to help you create a memorable new employee experience

Yea , onboarding doesn't have to be a snooze fest.

You and I went through some seriously boring orientations, but who says that's how we have to do it?


THE MOST JAZZED someone is about a new job is right when they get the "you got the job," notice. The next, is the first day of work. Knowing is half the battle.


So, let's use that intel to our advantage to harness that excitement and channel it into ROI driving dream team amazingness. Seriously, it's a win win situation.


But how? Well, this guide will help prime you to create THE BEST orientation/onboarding experience you can create for your newest team member... and with jazz hands if that's your thing.


Best of all? It doesn't have to be a time suck for you.

Create a plan

Make it memorable

Set them up for success

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